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Sudan crisis: nearly a million now on the brink of famine

28th June 2024

Over 750,000 people in Sudan are on the brink of famine, while over 8 million more are facing a food security emergency.[i]

Three quarters of a million people are now at imminent risk of starvation in Sudan, as the catastrophic humanitarian crisis in the country continues to intensify after more than a year of violent conflict.

This is according to a new report released today (June 27) by the IPC (Integrated Food Security Phase Classification) - a UN and government backed initiative that monitors the severity and magnitude of hunger crises.

The report shows that looking ahead to June - September, the number of people in catastrophic hunger (the most severe level) is expected to rise from 109,000 to 755,000 - a roughly seven fold increase - with risk of famine projected in 9 states and 14 areas. Approximately 25.6m will likely experience high levels of acute food insecurity.

As growing numbers of families and children are pushed into extreme hunger, Sudan is now on course to become the world’s most severe hunger crisis.[ii]


Mohammed Qazilbash, Sudan Country Director for Plan International said:

“Today’s report must serve as a critical wakeup call for the international community. Sudan is teetering on the brink of a catastrophic famine, with millions of children now at imminent risk of starvation or facing a food security emergency.

“The ongoing conflict has driven millions of people from their homes and land, with entire communities forced to abandon crops and livestock. Food prices are soaring, and families cannot afford to eat. For girls and young women, the impact is especially severe. When hunger strikes, girls often eat last and least, while the risk of early marriage rises as families struggle to feed their children.

“The international community must act now, with an immediate and drastic upscaling of humanitarian funding. All parties to the conflict must end the aid blockages that are preventing life-saving food and supplies from reaching millions in the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach areas such as Darfur. To ensure the protection of civilians and delivery of aid, an immediate ceasefire must be secured.

Millions of children's lives are at stake. With every day that passes, more and more children face the unacceptable risk of death from extreme hunger. There must be no further delays.”  


Notes to editors:

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