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Plan International UK welcomes new UK government

5th July 2024

Commenting on the UK General Election results, Kathleen Spencer-Chapman, Director of Influencing and External Affairs at Plan International UK said: 

“Plan International UK welcomes the new Government and its manifesto pledge to tackle violence against women and girls in the UK and empower them globally. 

“However, we urgently need to see bold action now to remove the biggest barriers girls face and see real progress on delivering gender equality.    

“We know girls often bear the brunt of the big challenges, from poverty to conflict and climate change to the current hunger crisis devastating millions of lives in Sudan. Without real tangible change, at least five more generations of girls are set to endure the injustices of gender inequality1

"Our upcoming State of Girls’ Rights in the UK report shows that girls and young women want empowerment and change, but just 1 in 4 girls feel involved in decisions about the way the country is run.  

“In his video for Plan International UK to mark International Day of the Girl last year, we welcomed Sir Keir Starmer’s mission for every girl to live a life free of violence, where they feel safe, are educated and have healthy lives. Now is the time to deliver that commitment.”  

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    Based on the World Economic Forum estimate that it will take 131 years until we achieve global gender equality.
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