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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge meet the DEC and Plan International UK to discuss Ukraine appeal response

21st April 2022

Today, as part of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), Plan International UK CEO Rose Caldwell and Humanitarian Lead Bethan Lewis met with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to discuss the response to the Ukraine conflict and the impact of the crisis on global hunger.


Rose Caldwell, CEO of Plan International UK, says:

“I was honoured to be able to speak to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today and share with them how the money raised for the Ukraine Appeal is helping Plan International UK to support families fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. We are proud to come together with other DEC charities to respond in the quickest and most effective way when a crisis on this scale hits, and never fail to be amazed by the UK public’s generosity.

“This incredible public support has meant we can act quickly to offer the vital support that families need, now and also over the weeks, months and years ahead.”


Bethan Lewis, Humanitarian Lead at Plan International UK, says:

“I was able to speak to the Duke and Duchess today about the work Plan International UK is doing with partners in Romania, Moldova and Poland to support refugees – particularly women and children – to access mental health support, education and protection from the risks of trafficking and violence.

“Their Royal Highnesses were also interested to hear more about the devastating impact the Ukraine conflict is having on access to food around the world. Countries in East Africa - where years of severe droughts and the lasting impact of Coronavirus are already causing severe food shortages - rely on Russia and Ukraine for up to 90% of their wheat supply, and many thousands of families are now literally struggling to eat.

“The window to act is short. We are facing the worst global hunger crisis in decades, and loss of life on a devastating scale is now a real risk.” 


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