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Real Choices, Real Lives

A girl from our Real Choices Real Lives study


We’re following the lives of 142 girls living in poverty in nine countries, across three continents, over their first 18 years. We explore the detailed experiences of these girls and their families. This includes the voices of the girls themselves – they describe their hopes and dreams and their daily realities.

The study provides genuine insight into the way family and community shape girls’ expectations of what they can do, and be, right from the very beginning. Our research helps to put a human face on the available statistics, theories and academic discussions.

This work helps to further our understanding of girls’ lives and the factors that support and impinge them. We use our evidence to support our policy work and in the future it will inform our programing. Find out more about the work we do by taking a look at our latest reports.

In 89% householdswomen and girls do the most household chores

70%of families in Uganda reported a decline in economic status in 2017

68 minutesis the daily average each girl spends on domestic tasks

Violence in Girls' Daily Lives

in 2017 we look specifically at the experiences of violence among the girls and their families taking part in the Real Choices, Real Lives cohort study.

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