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Meet the policy team

Meet the policy team

As a policy, research and advocacy team we are committed to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls. We bring together a wide range of experience in education, governance and humanitarian backgrounds with a shared passion for building a better world for all children. Find out more about who we are and what we do.

Kathleen Spencer

Kathleen Spencer Chapman

Head of Policy, Advocacy and Research

“I oversee the work of the team to ensure we’re delivering as much as we can for girls around the world – we do this through influencing the policies of the UK government, and others.

I love working with so many passionate and committed people from all over the world, who have a real desire to change things for the better. Together we raise the voices of young people to be heard by decision makers, and share learning and proposals for change, based on our experience and what young people tell us.”

Our policy, research and advocacy team are committed to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls.

Amelia Whitworth

Policy and Advocacy Manager

"I have oversight of our policy work on girls and youth – working to influence policies and governments to ensure that they provide these groups with the best possible futures. A key part of this work is supporting young people themselves to have a say in how their communities or countries are run.

"This can be anything from supporting them to lead on research in Sierra Leone to arranging for them to speak at the UN in New York. Some of my proudest moments include supporting a group of girls in Malawi to ban child marriage in Malawi and working with girls from Pakistan to speak on stage with Malala and Hilary Clinton."   



Policy and Advocacy Adviser

Anthony Davis

Humanitarian Policy and Advocacy Adviser

"I contribute to the team’s achievement of focused policy change objectives to support the realisation of the rights of adolescents and youth, particularly within humanitarian and fragile contexts.

"I love Plan International’s right-based approach, and am inspired by the work that we do through our Because I am a Girl campaign. I’m especially proud of the passing of two UN Resolutions to end child marriage, something that Plan International had been advocating for since the launch of our report, A Girl’s Right to Say No to Marriage."

Ben Sadek

Ben Sadek

Education Policy and Advocacy Adviser

“Since I was young, education has always been a real passion of mine; it has opened doors and got me to where I am today. The same is not the case for the hundreds of millions of children and young people around the world who are either out of school, or in school and not learning.

I work towards ensuring every child receives the education they deserve. I focus specifically on influencing the UK Government’s international development and diplomacy agenda to make sure education, particularly for girls, remains a top priority.”


Policy and Advocacy Assistant

Bekky Ashmore

Policy and Advocacy Officer

" I support the Policy and Advocacy team, particularly our events and youth advocacy work.

"My favourite moments so far has been supporting girl advocates from our programmes at international events such as the UN General Assembly. They are so incredibly passionate about girls' rights and are creating change in their communities, to be part of giving them a platform to tell the world what they do makes me really proud."

Policy and Advocacy Manager, Young Health Programme

Liam Sollis

Policy and Advocacy Manager, Young Health Programme

"My work focusses on supporting young people to enjoy their right to a healthy life. Government policies and UN processes play a crucial role in determining whether young people grow up in healthy environments and have access to good quality health services.

"I’m proud to say that my work plays a key role in influencing these policies and processes so to give young girls and boys the best possible chance to live healthy lives."


Abigail works in Plan International UK's policy team

Abigail Rowlands

SRHR Policy and Advocacy Manager

“I coordinate the Action for Global Health UK network, convening a coalition of organisations to support the universal right to health for all. My work also contributes to the realisation of sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls.

"I am proud to say my work supports stronger government policy in the UK and at cross-European level on these issues. I feel especially passionate about Plan International’s growing voice on equality and equity in gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and access to health and SRHR services and information.”

Real Choices, Real Lives Research Manager

Lili Harris

Real Choices, Real Lives Research Manager

"I manage our unique longitudinal research study that follows 142 girls and their families in 9 countries. The study explores what life is like growing up as a girl and how opinions, opportunities and situations change year on year.

"It makes me happy to be able to bring girls’ own voices to the forefront of international agendas. We follow each of the girls in our study individually, and I am pleased we are able to show how poverty affects girls’ lives as they grow older, putting a real face to gender and poverty and ensuring girls’ rights receive the attention they deserve. In 2016 we compiled a ten year report to celebrate the girls in our study turning 10 years old, it was such a fantastic achievement and I really feel that I have got to know all the girls and their families so well from a distance through the years."

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