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Trusts and Foundations

Working with Trusts and Foundations

As a partner trust or foundation, your support enables us to deliver long-term, sustainable programmes which transform children’s lives in some of the world’s poorest countries. 

You can choose to support a specific project or area of work, or allow us to use your donation where it’s most needed. A dedicated Plan International UK contact will work closely with you.

You’ll receive regular updates on your project so you can see the impact it’s having. You can also visit to see our work first hand. 

Why we need your support

120 million children

around the world do not go to school; more than half of whom are girls

175 million

children are affected by disasters every year

17,000 children

under the age of 5 die every day

The Masonic Charitable Foundation Supports Vulnerable Children

in the Philippines

Where your money goes

£10,000 could fund

training sessions for 450 teachers and improve the quality of education for as many as 20,000 children a year

£25,000 could provide

vital supplies such as soap, food and blankets to over 10,000 children during a disaster

£50,000 could provide

a clean water supply for over 3,500 people and protect children from deadly, yet easily prevented diseases

We trust our donation is well spent

"As a grant-maker we have a responsibility to ensure the money faithfully donated by our members is spent wisely."

"This is why we choose to partner with Plan International UK for many of our long-term emergency aid projects."

"Thanks to dedicated staff on the ground and the careful reporting provided, we trust our donation is well spent, directly assisting those people who need our help the most."

 - The Masonic Charitable Foundation

Seeing first-hand the difference that is made

"The Sir Halley Stewart Trust is pleased to have supported a number of Plan International UK projects over the years, and to have visited their work in Burkina Faso and seen first-hand the difference that is being made there. 

"We have been consistently impressed with how Plan International UK involves and responds to the needs of communities.

"Their thorough reports keep us well-informed of progress and the positive outcomes that have been achieved through the projects we have funded."

- Sir Halley Stewart Trust

Get in touch

Help improve children’s lives by supporting our work. Call 020 3217 0228 or email

Their record is commendable

"At ECF we strive for equality and justice for all by supporting the most marginalised and promoting human rights.

"We feel that Plan International share this vision when it comes to protecting children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

"Their record for responding to disasters, and for promoting opportunity, equality and children’s rights is commendable.

"We are very glad to have supported several of their worthy projects in recent years."

- Evan Cornish Foundation


to the many trusts and foundations that make our work possible. Together, we’re working closely with communities to build a better future for children and young people in the world’s poorest countries.