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Women for Girls

Women for Girls

Join the women transforming girls’ lives

Women for Girls is a group of committed women who come together to help make lasting change for girls. We have an ambitious target: to raise £500,000 over 3 years, and give 50,000 girls every chance to fulfil their potential.

Becoming a Women for Girls member will give you the chance to make a high-impact charitable gift to help girls break the cycle of poverty and look forward to a brighter future.

Your support will give girls the opportunity to feel protected, stay safe from harm, and receive a quality education to allow them to make their own choices.

You'll have the Opportunity to


about the challenges faced by girls and young women by global experts


round-table discussions and special networking events with other members


with like-minded women who want to actively support girls and young women around the world

How it works

We ask Women for Girls members make a minimum donation of £10,000 which is spent on our most impactful girls' focused projects.

Every donation made to Women for Girls will be matched at least three times over, thanks to a commitment we've secured form the European Commission (EC) and the Department for International Development (DFID). This multiplier effect maximises your gift and amplifies the impact of your support.

Plan International UK will then use these funds to provide at least 50,000 girls and young women the education and opportunities to reach their full potential.

A unique chance to stand together

"As a long-standing supporter of Plan International UK's work, it was an easy decision for me to become a founding member of Women for Girls. I know that my investment will benefit girls around the world and that their lives will be improved because of my gift.

I know that Plan International are experts in girl-centered development, and I have seen for myself the transformational impact my support has. Investing in girls is truly one of the best interventions we can make to end poverty for all. I also know that when women come together to be the change we want to see in the world, we can really make a difference."

- Lady Amanda Ellingworth

Where are the girls you'll be helping?


In Zimbabwe, we’re working to give 13,200 girls who have had to drop out of school the chance to start learning again and achieve their full potential, by ensuring they have access to community learning hubs to continue their education, or vocational training, so they can learn new skills and go on to earn a safe and secure income.

Education is really important. I know that coming to the Hub will help me in the future. I know that it will take a lot of hard work to become a nurse. That’s why I hope to get more homework, so I can better myself. 

– Tawana, 10, who attends sessions at the community learning hubs



In Ethiopia we’re providing safe, inclusive schools and learning spaces for at least 12,000 girls in Gambella’s refugee camps. We’re also giving girls counselling and support to help them recover from previous traumas they have experienced before arriving in the camps.

Life has improved now. I miss my home and family but living in this camp has given me hope that there can be a life after conflict.

– Nyalat, a refugee from South Sudan


In Zambia we’re ensuring 13,800 women have access to safe, fair financial services. We’ll be setting up and supporting over 1,000 Savings Groups as well as working with communities to boost access for women and young people. We’re also training women on entrepreneurship and business skills, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Savings groups provide an excellent, safe entry point to familiarise young people with financial management, mobilise savings and manage credit

– John Schiller, Plan International’s Global Advisor on Savings Groups

Get in touch with the team

We’re always looking for new women to join the group who are passionate about changing the lives of girls around the world