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Enterprise for Change

Enterprise for Change

Help young people build their own futures

Enterprise for Change is an opportunity for individuals to support young people to gain access to quality education and safe, secure jobs in the world's poorest countries. 

We have an ambitious target of raising £500,000 over 3 years to give 40,000 young people every chance to fulfill their potential.  

Becoming an Enterprise for Change member will give you the chance to make a high-impact charitable gift towards work which will transform lives and lift whole communities out of poverty.

You'll have the opportunity to


about the challenges faced by young people in Africa, Asia and Latin America


with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs who want to lift communities out of poverty


round-table discussions and special networking events with other members

How it works

Enterprise for Change members make a minimum annual donation of £5,000 for three years which is spent on delivering projects focused on improving the livelihoods of young people and their families. 

Every donation made to Enterprise for Change will be matched at least three times over thanks to a commitment we've secured form the European Commission (EC) and the Department for International Development (DFID). This multiplier effect maximises your gift and amplifies the impact of your support.

Plan International will then use all of these funds to provide at least 40,000 young people the opportunity to set up small businesses, access entrepreneurship training, undertake vocational courses or employability training.  

Where we are working

You will be helping to support five different projects reaching young people around the world.

  • Help young people find and create safe work in Colombia
  • Help young women become teachers in Sierra Leone
  • Support young people to make a green living in Ghana
  • Enable farmers to grow more food and feed their families in Malawi
  • Protect children from child labour in Jordan and Lebanon

A Chance to Grow in Ghana

Seth and his family have always known they needed to diversify their farming. Being a farmer, his income was seasonal which made it difficult to get a loan. He jumped at the chance to join the project, and became the Chair of his Savings & Loans group and has started saving for the first time. He used his savings to start raising rabbits and pigs and is now thriving.

I am grateful to the  project for giving me this opportunity to fulfil my life's passions.  People have already expressed interest in purchasing some of my animals, but I want them to grow big so I can get a good price

- Seth

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We're always looking for new members who are passionate about helping young people work their own way out of poverty