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Give a Major Gift

Why join the Plan family?

A personalised experience

When making a major gift, you’ll be connected to your own Plan International staff member who will listen to your interests and help you connect to the issues that you care about the most. By joining the Plan Family, we are with you every step of the way.

Reporting on your impact

We will send you in-depth reports, including updates from our project experts, explaining the impact you are having. You will be invited to exclusive events where you can meet senior Plan International staff as well as fellow supporters. You will also get the chance to visit our projects and meet the children, families, and communities you are supporting.

A chance to make a difference

With more than 80 years experience of working with communities around the world, we put the voices of those most in need at the forefront of what we do. We listen to what communities tell us they need and work with dedicated supporters like you to bring about truly sustainable, lasting change.

Projects currently in urgent need of funding

Innovation for Education in Ghana

Less than half of adolescent girls are enrolled in basic education in Ghana. Often the quality of learning at school is so low, that families simply don’t see the benefit of prioritising school when resources are already scarce.

That’s why we’re using innovative education technology to broadcast live, high quality, interactive lessons to rural schools. We are also supporting teachers to develop their skills, improving the way schools are run and helping to change attitudes to girls’ education.

A gift of £24,000 would be enough to set up and maintain six classrooms with the facilities for remote interactive lessons.


In Rangpur in North-East Bangladesh, there is a nutrition crisis and over 42% of children have stunted growth.

That’s why we’re working with parents, teachers, community members and local children to boost health and nutrition for children and mothers. We run educational projects and training, improve water and sanitation practices, and help to create school gardens so children can grow nutritious, inexpensive food themselves.

A gift of £10,000 is enough to set up and run 20 school gardens so that pupils can grow nutritious food for themselves and their families.

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What our supporters say

"I wanted to make a donation to a project where I could really make a difference, and where the charity had the expertise, infrastructure and people on the ground to deliver results that would have a lasting impact.

"Within a year, I had visited the school I had supported in Nepal, and every step of the way my confidence in Plan and the efficacy of their operations has grown. I am so impressed with how well they engage with the local communities and their commitment to involving children in all that they do.

"From a personal perspective I just loved being able to combine my giving with some adventurous travel, but perhaps most important for me has been the manner in which Plan helped me to feel personally connected to my giving, which has made this one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."

- Jenny, Plan International supporter

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