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Young Health Programme UK


Apply now to join us as a Youth Advocate for Mental Health and Wellbeing. 

This opportunity has a rolling deadline. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. 


For our pilot year, we worked with young people to make sure that the Young Health Programme UK is designed by young people, for young people, and to ensure the programme followed a youth-centred design. 

The youth-centred design principles are comprised of three parts:  

Find them  -   Listen to them   -   Design with them.  

Find Them

First, we had to find them. We created an inclusive and accessible recruitment animation and gave young people the option to apply in multimedia ways including writing a song, creating a painting, or recording a podcast.

We recruited a group of 20 young people from across the UK to form our 'Youth Insights Group'. This group were a mix of ages, ranging from 14-24, and gender identities. We called this group the ‘Youth Insights Group’.

This group of young people shared their insights on how we can best support young people to realise their right to good mental health and wellbeing. Together with the young people, we piloted activities from across the programme and listened to their feedback to help shape the programme for years to come as well as empowering the young people with skills in programme design.

My hometown is very deprived so can harbour a feeling in young people of being less than or that they are not going to achieve anything. I wish culture and fun opportunities were a bigger part of my community.

Youth Insights Group Member


The next stage of youth-centred design is ‘listen to them’.  

We worked together with the young people to reflect on what, in their daily lives, has a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing and what has a negative impact. And illustrator brought these reflections to life and start to build a picture of young people's wellbeing.    

We also teamed up with consultants 'Good Innovation' on a series of activities to gather more details about what the young people feel are the key issues around young people’s mental health and wellbeing as well as how the programme can work to support them in developing solutions which really work for them and their communities. 

We also worked with the Youth Insights Group through one-on-one conversations, and daily activities on a shared online platform, sharing their ‘insights’ with each other to inspire solutions.

I appreciated the freedom and change of scenery going for walks provided. It's healthy both physically and mentally, and I have definitely been able to see a difference in my mood and productivity after being outside.

Young Insights Group Member


An illustration of one of the ideas for promoting good mental health and wellbeing for young people in the UK.

For the final part of youth-centred design is to ‘design with them’. We ran online design workshops for the group to share their insights and come up with solutions to promote good mental health and wellbeing for young people. Their ideas were turned into illustrations to bring their solutions to life.  

The young people participated in a second workshop to build on their ideas and solutions from the design workshop and turn them into prototypes, ready to be tried and tested. 

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