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Enough of Empty

Sara, 35, with her youngest daughter Lelo next to their home
Sara, 35, with her youngest daughter Lelo next to their home

Enough of empty stomachs

“It has been challenging to properly feed my youngest daughter.” Sara, 35, Ethiopia.

Persistent drought means harvests have failed and livestock have died, causing child malnutrition rates to soar.

Sara no longer has enough money to buy food for her family. Her youngest daughter Lelo is severely malnourished and in need of medical attention.

"I used to feed her milk and yoghurt from my cows, but now I have nothing to give her”.

ZamZam, 12, Somalia
ZamZam, 12, Somalia

Enough of empty schools

“When I’m hungry I can’t study well.” ZamZam, 12, Somalia 

Hunger in places like Somalia is forcing girls to drop out of school. ZamZam is still going – but only just. Too often she goes to school without eating.   

“Sometimes we have breakfast and sometimes we don’t have it. When I arrive at school I feel hungry,” said ZamZam. 

It’s getting harder for ZamZam to focus. Her family are struggling to find enough food without her help at home. Soon, her desk at school may be empty.  

Together we can reverse the crisis

Conflict, coronavirus, the climate emergency and economic turbulence have all led to a steep rise in hunger globally.

It is particularly alarming in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Haiti.

The world must not look away any longer. Action is long overdue. Hunger poses a huge threat to children, especially girls – to their bodies, their education, their safety and, ultimately, their lives.

We are urgently doing more to reach affected people in these countries. With your support we can do even more. Together we can provide nutritional support for children who've endured prolonged hunger and are now experiencing malnutrition. We can provide access to clean and safe drinking water to help people stay healthy. We can support families to rebuild their herds and restore their livelihoods. We can provide meals in schools to keep girls in education.

Hundreds of thousands of people, including children, could starve to death every single day. We must act now.

How can you help?

Child in South Sudan having arm measurement taken to check for malnutrition

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Beti from Mozambique preparing a meal for her family in resettlement centre

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