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Education for generations


Érika is in a place she never thought she would be

Érika left school at age 12 to help her family make ends meet. We awarded her one of nearly 3,000 scholarships so Érika’s family could buy school supplies and pay for her transport. Now, at age 18, Érika is one of the best students in her school and aims to become a cardiologist or neurosurgeon.

Supporters like you can make it happen.

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Three generations of Kamalari in Nepal


Just as her mother and grandmother had done, Lila worked as a Kamalari, or house slave, from the age of 14 to 17. Thanks to our rehabilitation programme for Kamalari girls, funded by kind supporters like you, Lila returned to school and learnt about her rights. Now she's determined the practice stops with her.

For families like Lila's, a gift in your will can have an impact that lasts for generations.

Ronald made his dreams come true

Growing up, Ronald couldn’t go to school and his family often couldn’t afford to eat. After Ronald joined our child sponsorship programme, he was able to begin making his dreams a reality. That dream was to have his own piggery – and with the help of supporters like you, Ronald now has 25 pigs. This income pays for his younger brother and sister to go to school. Now Ronald is studying for a degree so he can support other children in his community.

A gift in your will can create more stories like Ronald’s.

A family in Nepal

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Your Questions Answered

How do I leave a legacy?

We would suggest visiting a practising solicitor to help you with making a will if you don't already have one. You can also take advantage of our free will offer with Farewill. If you already have a will, you can simply ask your solicitor to add a ‘codicil’. Or, if you would like to make substantial changes, it may be better to ask your solicitor to draft a new will. Request our Gifts In Wills pack for more information.

Can I leave a legacy to a specific type of project?

Yes, you can personalise your gift by requesting that it be used to support a certain area of our work like education, for example, or health and water. If there’s a specific area you wish to support, please contact us to talk about how this might happen.

Can I leave a legacy to my sponsored child?

We aren’t able to give a gift to a specific child or family. The strength of our community approach is that our work benefits all the children in a community, not just those who are sponsored. However, you can ask for your gift to benefit our work in the country where your sponsored child lives, or a particular kind of project. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this.