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Leave a legacy


Take a journey with Ludivina in Timor-Leste, and find out just what it means for a nine-year-old girl to have direct and easy access to clean water. A gift in your will could pay for sanitation and clean water for children like Ludivina, giving them the chance of a better, healthier life.

Every gift in every will, however big or small, makes a real difference. And when you leave a legacy to Plan International UK, you can decide the country or type of project where your money will be spent. We always do our best to follow your wishes. If you’d like more information on how your gift can reflect what you’re truly passionate about, please get in touch.


Can I support a specific type of project?

Yes, you can personalise your gift by requesting that it be used to support a certain area of our work.

Are there any tax benefits to leaving a legacy?

Any money left to charity in a will is free from Inheritance Tax.

How do I include Plan International UK in my will?

We suggest you visit a practicing solicitor. To help ensure your gift is used in the way you would wish, we have a suggested legal wording for you to show your solicitor and use when writing your will.

Get in touch

We understand that making a will is a sensitive, personal business. Sophia Stylianou, our legacy officer, can talk you through every stage – simply get in touch. We promise your enquiry will be dealt with in a friendly, discreet and respectful way.