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Coronavirus Children's Emergency Appeal

An image of two girls in a tent


Children's Emergency Appeal

As the Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) begins to have a devastating impact on the communities we work with, we know that many families across the UK are experiencing huge pressures and worries. We send our very best wishes to all our UK supporters at this difficult time. We’re all doing our best to cope, but for those already in desperate situations the challenge couldn’t be greater.

We’re especially concerned about children and families living in crowded refugee camps, without access to soap and running water and where self-isolation isn’t an option. Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is home to nearly a million Rohingya refugees, making it one of the largest refugee camps in the world. Just ten ICU beds service the entire Cox's Bazar area and there are currently no ICU beds in the refugee camp itself. The death rate in places like this could be devastatingly high unless we prevent the spread early on.

We need to act fast, to save lives and prevent thousands of children being orphaned. We’re on the ground installing life-saving handwashing stations, along with training to ensure families can protect themselves and others. We’re also scaling up vital child protection services for children separated from their parents and to protect girls from the risk of abuse, as well as ensuring children can keep learning. If you can, please donate today. No matter the size of your gift, you will help save lives.

Together, we can reach even more children and their families facing this crisis. Thank you so much for your support.

Plan International staff distribute hand sanitiser and soap
In Indonesia, Plan International staff are distributing soap and hand sanitiser

Our ongoing response

  • Supplying hygiene kits and clean water to families, so they can safely wash their hands and prevent the spread of the disease in their communities.
  • Scaling up our work in refugee camps, as well as camps for internally displaced people, where healthcare systems are most fragile and space is severely limited.
  • Ensuring children keep learning, even when schools close. We will distribute learning materials, help teachers to deliver distance learning and support parents and caregivers to provide safe home environments for both learning and play.
  • Supporting health teams and community mobilisers to share messages on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus and working with local radio stations to broadcast radio messages across communities.
Photo of a girl washing her hands
Our work in sponsor communities, like this one in Nepal, includes installing essential infrastructure and access to water sources

Committed to Child Sponsorship

Our child sponsorship programme is more important than ever right now. We urgently need more sponsors whose donations fund long-term, life-changing projects, benefiting whole communities. By becoming a sponsor, you will be helping children to reach their potential now and into the future. 

If you would like to find out more about becoming a sponsor, please visit our child sponsorship page >

If you are already one of our amazing sponsors, then FAQs can be found here >

We are closely monitoring the situation to ensure we can respond if families are affected, and if we receive news that a sponsored child has been affected, we will share any information we can with their sponsor.

Protecting children and vulnerable communities

We urgently need your support to help children affected by Coronavirus