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Partnering with Dazn

Find out how we used the power of sport to tackle gender inequality

Partnering with dazn

Find out how we used the power of sport to tackle gender inequality

We worked in partnership with DAZN (formerly owned by Perform) for almost a decade from 2013 to 2022, using the power of sport to tackle gender inequality and help inspire the next generation.

In that time, DAZN and its employees raised over £650,000 for Plan International, and the partnership reached thousands of young people in over 75 countries - through leadership training, play and sport.

Creating an even playing field for girls and boys

Our partnership with DAZN created opportunities for young people to learn about gender equality through sport.

Meet Yara, who dreamed of becoming a Physical Education teacher.


Champions of change in Brazil

In Brazil, DAZN supported young people to become Champions of Change by developing skills through football. Young people learned about gender equality, gender-based violence, harmful stereotypes and how to campaign for change. They then applied these issues to how they play sport – learning key life lessons in every match.

Young people shared this knowledge with their communities, led awareness-raising projects and met with key decision makers. Taking part in community football tournaments helped showcase their skills, and increased awareness and support for the project. 

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

In 2019, we took a group of top fundraisers from Stats Perform and DAZN on an unforgettable project visit to Brazil.

"Words can’t express how moving and humbling this visit has been. I'm so proud of the amazing progress of the project, the changes in equality and empowerment, and the sense of community. A highlight was the amazing power, confidence and respect the young people had for each other on the football pitch."

- Emma Rouhani, DAZN


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