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Activism -Crime not Compliment

Crime not Compliment - Activism

We need as many people to join the #CrimeNotCompliment campaign to make it as powerful as possible. Want to get more involved? Here are three things you could do to make a huge impact in the campaign to make public sexual harassment a crime.  


1. Share the campaign

The more people that join our campaign, the more powerful it will become. Could you ask your friends and family to add their names? A great way to do this is via social media.

Just hit the buttons below to share the campaign with your networks. 

2. Talk to your Member of Parliament

In order to make public sexual harassment a crime we will need to get a bill passed through Parliament. Therefore, we need the support of as many Members of Parliament (MPs) as possible. Could you ask your local MP to support?  

Click below for a how-to guide with all the information you need to contact your MP.  

3. Spread the word in your community

We need to build mass support behind the campaign to show that enough is enough. A great way of introducing new people to the campaign is by speaking at community events - this could be at your school, university, workplace, book group or place of worship. The options are endless! 

Click below for a how-to guide with all the information you need to spread the word via community events.  

Thank you for being a vital part of the #CrimeNotCompliment campaign - do contact us on to let us know how you got on or to ask any questions.

Ending public sexual harassment: the case for legislation