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Pregnant by my teacher

21-year-old Sadiki was 15 when her teacher had sex with her and she fell pregnant. “Girls in school should be protected”, she says.

At Plan International UK we’re working to end gender-based violence, especially at school.

What are we doing?

We’re tackling the root causes of violence

In Kenya and Zimbabwe, for example, we’ve set up child protection committees in schools to make sure everyone knows how to keep children safe at school, and can report concerns.

We’re making sure girls can have their say

In Uganda we’ve helped girls give politicians their views on stopping violence and discrimination.

We’re campaigning with young people

In the UK we held a Youth Action Festival that brought together young men and women from across the UK to learn about the issue of violence against girls in school and design campaigns for change. From local school clubs to T shirt making, singing and theatre, young people used their creativity to form the policy solutions for our campaign. Watch what happened.

We’re working with teachers and social workers

In Egypt we’re training teachers and social workers on girls’ rights and child protection.

We’re working with boys too

In Colombia, Nicaragua and Bolivia we’re running workshops for boys and young men to teach them about the importance of treating girls with respect.

Raped at 13

Lillian was attacked by a stranger on her way home from school in Kenya. She was left with serious injuries.

Our team made sure Lillian got the help she needed and our Girls fund projects ensure that girls around the world are safe on their way to and from school and not just in the classroom.

Violence at school

Sexual violence

Worldwide, an estimated 150 million girl have experienced sexual violence. A lot of it happens in schools

Using school facilities

Our research found that 50 per cent of girls said they don’t feel safe using toilets or latrines in school

The journey

47 per cent of girls said they do not feel safe on their way to school because of the threat of physical, verbal or sexual abuse

Physical violence

Across nine countries, two-thirds of students reported witnessing severe physical abuse by teachers or other students


Over 7 in 10 children surveyed in nine countries report witnessing verbal abuse

Attacks on schools

There have been almost 10,000 attacks on places of learning since 2009

Girls Fund

Donate to support our work to help girls realise their rights across Africa, Asia and South America

Because I am a girl

Join our campaign to end violence at school so that all girls can #learnwithoutfear