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Grace's story

Grace fixing an iron, from exploitation to empowerment

From Exploitation to Electrician

Grace’s Story

Thrown out by her parents, Grace went to live with her aunt. But, when an accident meant her aunt couldn’t work, Grace was suddenly forced to pay for her own education – and support her aunt and cousins. Aged just 11, she became a victim of sexual exploitation.

No one was there for me… In a night, I had to sleep with four or five men to make about 3,000 to 4,000 Uganda shillings [83p].

"I kept crying day and night… At that point, I thought that was the end of my life.”

Thankfully, one day, Grace met a social worker who told her about a Plan International project that helps young people receive the training they need to earn a living and move away from dangerous jobs. Now, aged 18, she is training to become an electrician and uses her experiences to educate girls and young women on the importance of sexual health and rights.

My dream is to [do] a diploma and a degree in electronics such that I become a role model to other young girls out there… being the best female electrician in my community.

“I enjoy being the only girl at my place of residence who can repair electronic equipment… I feel so good being in a position to speak to other girls using my experience to change their minds.”