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Economic Empowerment

Ending Poverty with Economic Empowerment

Ending Poverty with Economic Empowerment

Children are often the first to feel the effects of poverty, being forced to go hungry or leave school to earn an income for the family. We work with children and families in extreme poverty to build up the skills they need to increase their income and assets.

We also set up savings and loan schemes so families can plan and provide for their children’s future. This approach helps families to become more resilient and better placed to cope with changing circumstances.

We’re also training women and young people so they can secure a decent livelihood and close the gender gap in the workplace. 

90% of countrieshave at least one law that restricts economic equality for women

1 in 4 young peoplecannot find work for more than US$ 1.25 per day

40% of the world'sunemployed are young people

Ending Financial Exclusion with Barclays

Ending Financial Exclusion with Barclays

More than 2 billion people in the developing world don’t have access to basic financial services, such as savings, bank accounts or credit. Our award-winning Banking on Change partnership with Barclays and CARE International has helped to break down barriers to financial inclusion and improve the quality of life in the poorest communities. Find out how the partnership has helped young women like Cleopatra become business women. 

Our Work to End the Cycle of Poverty

479 saving schemes in Nicaragua were set up to help families pay school fees and get lifesaving healthcare

25,000 young peoplein Zambia learnt entrepreneurial and work-related skills so they can work their way out of poverty

500 womenin Sri Lanka received training on setting up small businesses so they can raise their families out of poverty

From Exploitation to Electrician

From Exploitation to Electrician

In a night, I had to sleep with four or five men to make about 3,000 to 4,000 Uganda shillings [83p]. I kept crying day and night. 

Now Grace enjoys being the only girl who’s an electrician in her community. She aspires to become a role model for other girls like herself. Find out how we helped Grace move from exploitation.

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