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Our board of trustees

Our board of trustees

At Plan International UK, we are governed by our Board of Trustees. The Board meets regularly and is responsible for setting our strategic direction, as well as for our overall governance and overseeing our management.

New trustees are chosen in consultation with the full Board, making sure that, collectively, the Board has the skills and experience needed to enable us to operate effectively.

Meet the board – find out who they are and what motivates them to volunteer for us.

Amanda Ellingworth meets Plan staff in Sir Lanka


"Plan International UK’s work with adolescent girls, in particular, has been inspirational.

"Providing quality education, while tackling abuses such as child marriage and FGM, is something that I’m very proud to not only support, but be a part of."

- Lady Amanda Ellingworth, Chair of Plan International UK

Richard Street


“When travelling on other overseas business, I had the thrill of visiting some Plan International programmes in Tanzania and Sierra Leone. What a joy it was to see the great work being done, especially with girls!  I was really impressed in the way that the local community was always involved and really valued the partnership it had with Plan International, whether it was to do with health, education, or advocacy.”

Richard Laing, Plan International UK Trustee

Gillian Smith


“I love being involved with an organisation, which is committed to supporting the rights of children. If our work ensures that children can realise their full potential, then the balance of the world can be tilted slightly.”

Gillian Smith, Plan International UK Trustee

Hannah Burgess


"Since studying geography at university I’ve always been interested in international development and particularly the key role children and women play in progress. I knew of Plan International’s work before I volunteered and was inspired by its vision and focus. Being able to offer my skills to support such a brilliant charity was an incredible opportunity for me and one which I’ve learnt and developed a lot from.”

Hanah Burgess, Plan International UK Trustee

Olivia Beecham


“During my trip to Colombia I was able to speak to those whose lives have been supported by Plan International. It was a highlight of my role as trustee, so far, as it brought to life to me what we're all working towards. In some communities drug trafficking, gang culture, adolescent pregnancy and domestic abuse are all prevalent and it makes you admire the Plan International staff that are working on the ground with these people to tackle these issues. 

"I also act as a young trustee on the Plan International UK board, working with our youth advisory panel members. We work together to ensure young people's voices are represented at the heart of the organisation's decision making.”

Olivia Beecham, Plan International UK Trustee

Richard Street is a Plan International UK trustee


We consider ourselves an expert organisation in making a better world for young people. One of the highlights of my time as a Trustee was working with a very bright group of young people to explore ways they can contribute more to the Board.

The challenges of giving young people in poorer countries a better life are immense. The solutions must come from their local communities and governments, but the more we can make the ideas and processes available to these local organisations, the more we can empower them to provide lasting and effective support to young people.

Rick Street, Plan International UK Trustee

Spencer McHugh


"Initially I was inspired by the fantastic Because I am a Girl activity and wanted to discover more about what Plan International UK did when I then found out more about the hugely positive impact Plan International UK makes to children's lives all over the world I wanted to find a way to get involved."

Spencer McHugh, Plan International UK Trustee

Lara Oyesanya


"The toughest moment of being part of the Plan International UK board was seeing the impact the Nepal earthquake had on those communities and in particular, the young girls that could no longer go about their daily lives. 

"Plan International UK has amazing campaigns, focusing on girls' education, health, safety, FGM and other issues, all with the required sensitivity."

Lara Oyesanya, Plan International UK Trustee

Jane French


"As a mother of two teenage daughters, I feel particularly connected to the work of Plan International UK. Last summer I was able to take my 16-year-old daughter to see the transformational work we do in Tanzania and Uganda. 

"We were humbled and overwhelmed by the positive energy, the resourcefulness and will to succeed of the pupils, the enormous commitment of their teachers and the tireless support of the Plan International staff. Working together, they change lives forever: 'Educate a girl child, eduate a nation' as they say."

Jane French, Plan International UK Trustee

Adam Wood is a board member for Plan International UK


“In my life as a diplomat, I was shaken by the cruelty that can be afflicted on young people, especially girls. From girls trafficked into prostitution in SE Asia, to girls abducted to be sex slaves by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. And yet I also learned how whole communities benefit when girls are empowered, by completing education or postponing pregnancy.

“After a rewarding yet challenging professional life, I’m looking forward to supporting a charity where I feel I can contribute what I have learned. Plan International UK stands out for its aims, ethos and values.”

Adam Wood, Plan International UK Trustee

Meredith is a Plan International UK board member


“I’m the Fundraising Director at Marie Curie, so when Plan International UK was looking for a trustee with a particular expertise in fundraising, I thought the role would be a perfect fit! While I enjoy hands-on volunteering, it is very rewarding to be able to apply my professional expertise in this way that contributes to an organisation that I admire.

“I’m particularly motivated by Plan International’s focus on children’s rights. My children are my biggest love - I would do anything to give them the best possible future. And it's because I know how lucky they are that I also want to help other children achieve their potential.”

Meredith Niles, Plan International UK Trustee

Jobs and volunteers

We’re always on the lookout for accountable, self-assured and passionate individuals to join our team. If you think you’ve got what it takes then we'd like to hear from you - take a look at our current job openings.