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Thank you - Girls in Crisis Sign Up

Girl sitting with dolls

Thank you

for demanding no girl is left behind

Thank you for standing up for every girl’s right to an education, and for joining the fight for girls' rights. 

Around the world, adolescent girls face the brunt of poverty and inequality. As well as denying them the opportunity to go to school, humanitarian crises place them at greater risk of sexual exploitation, child marriage and early pregnancy. 

That’s why we’re stepping up our efforts to be there when a crisis hits. From delivering emergency aid to providing education through our Early Childhood Development Centres and helping communities rebuild in the long-term, we want to ensure that no girl is left behind

For girls in crisis, education is a lifeline. It offers a safe space to learn and access information about their rights and receive much-needed psychosocial support.

Help us reach even more girls in humanitarian crises, please give a donation to our Children’s Emergency Fund now.