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Learning in Uganda through partnerships

1 desk for 12 children

“We have only 7,305 desks in our 93 primary schools. 25% of what is needed.”

Our three-year project is working in six schools in Lira to create environments where all children can thrive. 

We are making sure that school facilities can offer both boys and girls a safe place to learn by building latrines and water tanks, improving classrooms and distributing textbooks.

Plan International's project also supports teachers by building accommodation, providing teaching guides. organising training and working with school management and parent groups.

The impact

5,000 schoolchildren

60 girlswho were previously out-of-school

24 primaryand secondary school teachers

18 head teacherstheir deputies and senior female teachers

18 membersof the Board of Governors and Parent Teacher Associations

3 staffin the District Education Department

Olivia's story

“If we grow up out of school we are going to be poor. We need to be educated so that we can help our parents."

"I am worried that if my mother cannot find a way to pay for our books and uniforms we are going to get married. One of my sisters married at 15 because of that. She has two children and there is no way for her to come back to school. I am praying that someone can help us to pay our school fees.”

“When I was in primary school, Plan did many things with our school. They taught us how to protect ourselves against diseases and they taught us how to use and make sanitary pads.”

Helping girls like Olivia would not be possible without the support of our partners. Their generosity is helping us to give children in Lira a good start in life.

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