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Help girls like Nina escape violence and abuse



Every 2 seconds a girl like Nina is forced into child marriage. All too often they’re made to leave school, give up on their dreams and many will face a lifetime of violence. Will you support the Girls Fund and help put a stop to harmful practises like child marriage, female genital mutilation and violence against girls?

When you give to the Girls Fund, you’ll help keep girls out of child marriage and in school. By providing school books, training teachers and making schools safer for girls to learn, their families will have alternative ways out of poverty and you’ll help reduce the risk of them being married. You’ll also help raise awareness of the dangers of other forms of abuse, like FGM and violence towards girls.

Vitally, you’ll help communities see the value of girls. Through projects working with girls, boys, women and men, you’ll ensure girls’ voices are heard and they’re given the same opportunities to go to school and achieve their potential. Because when a girl goes to school, she can achieve incredible things for herself, her family and her community.

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Your questions answered

What is the Girls Fund?

Girls Fund supporters enable long-term projects that truly transform young girls’ lives. From protecting girls from violence and harmful practises like child marriage and FGM, to promoting equal opportunities for girls to learn.

How are my donations spent?

We educate communities about child marriage, FGM and violence against girls. You’ll make it safer for girls to go to school and provide books and uniforms so they can learn. At least 80p in every pound you donate goes towards these projects - the rest helps raise another pound!

How do you help boys?

Around the world, girls are more likely to be denied their rights. That’s why we work to advance equality for girls in all we do. But Girls Fund projects never exclude boys. In fact, boys play a vital role in building secure communities that value girls so that everyone benefits.
Around the world girls are more likely to be denied their rights

Unique challenges girls face

Girls continue to be the most excluded group in the world. They're more likely to be:

  • victims of violence and abuse
  • denied an education
  • denied to make choices
  • given unfair treatment
  • refused work to earn a living

The poorest girls are most at risk. Child marriage is more prevalent poorer in families where a dowry provides a much needed income. By helping to keep girls in school, you’re helping them escape marriage and educating a young generation on the real dangers it brings.

Your support helps to

Prevent violence and abuse

by raising awareness of the damaging effects of FGM and violence against girls and helping boys and men learn to see the value of girls instead

End child marriage

by empowering girls with the knowledge they need to decide for themselves and helping their families find alternative ways to earn an income

Keep girls in school

from building schools, training teachers and supplying uniforms, to ensuring schools are safe and inclusive for girls so they’re not forced to drop out
Support the girls fund and empower girls to decide their own futures

See the difference you'll make

You’ll receive updates about inspiring girls like 16-year-old Amrita, whose lives you’re helping to transform. Her family had plans for her to marry and she’d received a proposal. But Plan International’s life-skills classes taught her the realities of marriage and empowered her to convince her parents that an education was more important. News spread through her village and Amrita was praised for her courage.

“My daughter learned getting married and giving birth is risky, so she wasn't ready to accept the proposal.” - Amrita’s mother

Will you help more girls like Amrita decide their own futures?

Royce has transformed her life, thanks to supporters like you

How you'll help end FGM

15 million girls will be subjected to FGM by 2030 if current trends continue. The belief that FGM equates to purity, cleanliness, and strong morals is a reason why the practice continues. The reality of FGM is often a traumatic experience followed by on-going painful health complications.

Support the Girls Fund and help equip girls like 12-year-old Kadia with the skills to promote change. "Plan International has given me the knowledge and strength to express myself in front of important people, even the village chief, about my rights and such a taboo subject as FGM.” - Kadia

Support the Girls Fund

Help protect girls from violence and abuse