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Your top five stories from 2017

Your top five stories from 2017

From girls' rights in the digital world to periods, education and emojis – as 2017 draws to a close, we look back at the stories that have meant the most to you this year and share a very special film, celebrating our amazing sponsors and the children they support around the world.

A child reads at a Plan-supported library in Cambodia

The importance of education

How literacy improves lives

From lifting individuals out of poverty to reducing infant mortality, supporting economic growth and empowering girls and women – in March, we looked at five ways in which improving literacy and ending gender inequality in education can transform lives, and the role it plays in our work around the world.

A photo of a girl using her mobile phone

It's time we stopped telling girls to get offline

“Our research makes it clear that, just as in the offline world, harassment and bullying online is gendered,” wrote Lucy Russell, our UK Girls’ Rights Campaign Manager, in August. Her blog highlighted the results of our survey on girls in the digital space, as we invited you to share your views and tell the UN why countries around the world need guidance on how to prioritise girls’ rights – and protect the rights of all young people – online. 

Girls learning about menstrual hygiene

Five reasons we need to talk about periods

In May, we asked you to vote for your favourite #periodemoji design. Why? Because while there are a whole host of emojis depicting different emotions and situations, there isn’t a single one to represent periods – and not talking about them is having a huge impact on girls and women around the world, as this blog explains.

Memory led the campaign to end child marriage in Malawi

Our top 5 brave girls on international women's day

In March, we celebrated International Women’s Day by sharing the stories of five brave girls from around the world. Together, they’ve been campaigning on everything from ending child marriage to securing access to sexual health services and sex and relationships education, making cities safer for girls and ensuring every child has access to primary education – making real change happen for girls everywhere.

A photo of a girl standing in front of some closed doors.

Could you survive as a girl on social media?

We love a good quiz here at Plan International UK. And in August, we challenged you to see if you could survive as a girl on social media in the 21st century. Can you navigate friends requests from strangers, online harassment, photos being shared without your consent, not to mention the fear of being criticised for the things you say?

Be part of an amazing journey

To mark the end of another amazing year, we wanted to celebrate the letters that will be making their way around the world between our sponsors and their sponsored children this festive season. That’s why we made this film. It doesn’t just celebrate the 160,000 letters that have been delivered this year, but also the incredible support of our sponsors – who are transforming life for thousands of children around the world, and their communities.

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