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IATI: Open information on our projects

Open information on our projects

Plan International UK is committed to transparency and accountability. As part of this commitment, we are publishing detailed information on all our work.

Our Open Information Policy shows the information we will proactively publish, and the additional information that can be requested from us. We have more details of grants paid to partner organisations in 2016.

What information can you find here?

The basic unit of our work is a project. Projects can operate in single countries or multiple countries, and on a single thematic area (e.g. education) or multiple sectors (e.g. addressing child marriage through a combination of child protection, education and household income-raising activities). Projects have specific objectives and usually run for 1-4 years. 

A selection of our projects

Promoting equal education for adolescent girls - Kenya

Apr-2011 - present

Promoting the rights of adolescent girls to quality basic education (extension) - Cambodia

Mar-2014 - present

Girls' empowerment through education in Mali - Mali

Apr-2011 - present

DFID Building resilience and adaptation to climate extremes and disasters - Myanmar

Jul-2014 - Jun-2016

Improved access to and quality delivery of education and sexual and reproductive health - Malawi

Apr-2011 - present

Access to post-primary and life skills-based education - Pakistan

Apr-2011 - present

Pamati Kita (Let’s Listen Together) Project: An Accountability to Affected Populations and Communicating with Communities Common Services Project - Philippines

Jul-2014 - Jun-2016

Building Skills for Life/PPA2 promoting adolescents' education - Rwanda

Mar-2014 - present

Supporting marginalised girls in Sierra Leone to complete basic education with improved learning outcomes - Sierra Leone

Jan-2013 - Mar-2017 end-planned

Supporting Primary School Girls and Children with Disabilities in the Context of the Government’s Ebola Transition and Recovery Plan - Sierra Leone

Aug-2015 - Mar-2017 end-planned