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Girls in Uganda are often not prioritised in the education system


“My community is underdeveloped because the level of education most girls have access to, is very low. The girls get married when they have no jobs to support themselves. The rate of abuse is high because the girls depend on boys and men for support.”

A gift of £8 could help girls in Uganda gain access to safe education for a month.

A girl in Uganda is able to make and sell afripads to other young women in her community

Menstrual hygiene

“I started my period when I was 15. My mother never talked to me about it and when I first saw it I was scared. My friends told me I had to use a rag, so I tore up my old clothes and made the rags to use, but still every month I would miss three to four days of school.”

Afripads are a revolutionary system of washable, cloth sanitary pads that last up for one year, for a fraction of the cost of disposable pads. “Afripads keep me clean, I can run and play, which I was afraid to do before when I had my period,” says Viola, 15.

A gift of £100 could teach 15 girls in Uganda how to make and sell re-usable afripads.

Dorothy was able to escape her unhappy marriage thanks to Plan International

Child marriage

“My husband had several girlfriends and mistresses, he would lock me inside the house so that he could go and visit them.” Dorothy was 15 when her mother forced her into marriage due to the family’s economic struggles. Marriage was not the dream Dorothy had imagined and thankfully through a Plan International-supported group, she left that marriage, but with a young daughter she now raises by herself.

A donation of £36 could help protect girls around the world from child marriage.

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Nadege and her familys house needs to be rebuilt after hurricane matthew hit

Disaster relief

“I was afraid because there was so much wind. The hurricane was very violent and my house now needs to be re-built.” Nadége is nine years old and her house was badly damaged when Hurricane Matthew hit. Her father doesn’t have the money to repair the family home.

A generous donation of £50 could provide a shelter kit for the worst off families in Haiti who are still recovering from the damage done.

A family in Indonesia has just registered their children thanks to Plan International

Birth registration

“My parents are divorced. My father is busy at work and he has no time to register for my birth certificate. He doesn’t understand it’s important.” Tri, 15, attends an informal school as he can’t enrol in formal education without a birth certificate. Instead, he goes to work as a street singer for most of the day, earning just £1.20 for the whole day.

A gift of £18 could pay the administration fee for six birth certificates in Indonesia, helping children access education and healthcare.

Farmers can now grow their own produce to feed their family and sell remaining vegetables at the market

supporting farmers

“Plan International has helped us from the beginning, from the devastating earthquakes and then the landslides that came. We used to have a small plot of land, where we grew millet, but now even that has gone and we have lost our only source of income.”

A donation of £16 could give a family in Nepal the chance to grow their own food and become self sufficient.

A family has received a water kit in Nepal to ensure they have clean water

Disaster relief

“We are not able to run the birthing centres in the way we would like. Access to clean water is limited, so the chances of water contamination is high; we struggle to wash the babies and mothers with clean, purified water,” explains a community health volunteer in Nepal.

£10 could be enough for a safe water kit for a family or community buildings in Nepal.

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this christmas

A new toilet has helped to improve the life of a family in Timor Leste

Water and sanitation

“Now we have completed Plan International’s sanitation marketing course, we can construct toilets in our community.” Maria and Dulce are part of a Plan International programme to improve sanitation in Timor Leste, where not all households have toilets and poor sanitation causes lots of illness. 

£100 could give 100 people life-saving access to their own toilet in Timor Leste.

A girl in Indonesia just received her birth certificate

Birth registration

Indonesia has one of the lowest birth registration rates, 94,000 street children are estimated to be unregistered. “I don’t know where my father is, I need his ID card to be able to register my own birth,” says Ani, 15. Families also need a marriage certificate and a family card to register a child, many families don’t have all these pieces of the puzzle, meaning children often go unregistered. 

A donation of £33 could help a child living on the streets in Indonesia to get a birth certificate and identity card.

teaching assistants

“Any woman who is educated cannot be looked down upon by a man. Education is power for females. One day a headmaster at my daughter’s school asked me if I wanted to become a teaching assistant. Now girls at the school see that a woman can be a teacher.”

A donation of £6 could buy a school bag for a young woman training to become a teacher in Sierra Leone.

Manuela was able to go back to school after the earthquake thanks to education kits from Plan International

Disaster relief

“I love being at school, then I can play during the break.” After the April earthquake in Ecuador 560 schools were affected, but we were able to send children back to school with temporary learning centres, education kits and training for the teachers on how to assess a child’s emotional needs.

A donation of £4 could pay for an emergency education kit for a child to carry on learning after disaster.

Eva runs her own business now

Economic empowerment

“Thanks to this project, I now have a purpose in life. It shows that I am capable of being independent and finding ways to make money. Plan International provided us with sewing machines and taught us how to sew. I can now sell my goods on the market and make a living for my family.” Eva, 27.

A generous donation of £500 could go towards a young woman starting her own small business in El Salvador.

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this christmas