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Hope returns to Sierra Leone

Hope returns to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, one of the world’s poorest countries, was severely hit by the deadly Ebola virus. But today, hope has returned to the nation as Sierra Leone is declared Ebola free. Sierra Leone hasn’t had a new Ebola case for 42 days and we’re working to ensure it stays that way.

What we’ve achieved

We take a look at what we’ve done, with support from our donors and partners, to help Sierra Leone become Ebola free and we’re doing to help people, particularly girls and children, get back on their feet. 

Our corporate partner, global commercial property firm CBRE, has been working with us on the entire journey. CBRE mobilised its employees from across their Europe, Middle East and Africa offices behind our Girls Education programme in Sierra Leone, which is improving the quality of education for 135,000 girls and boys in schools. CBRE has further partnered with us in the fight against Ebola and gave generously to support the following projects in Sierra Leone.

We provided treatment

We opened five Ebola community care units and two treatment centres in the Ebola hotspots to provide crucial treatment for suspected cases in Port Loko. The community care units were supported by UK Aid and the World Health Organisation. 

Ebola health workers clean up Sierra Leone

We decontaminated homes

To prevent the spread of the virus, we decontaminated over 8,000 homes in Sierra Leone. 

Ebola worker adjusts goggles

We provided hand-washing facilities

Over 66,000 people had access to water, sanitation and hygiene across five districts and 150 villages during the outbreak. 

child washes hands to protect from Ebola

We resumed education

We enabled children to tune into lessons over the radio by developing radio programmes and supplying 22,500 solar radios.  

children get back to school Sierra Leone

We supported children

We provided psychosocial support to over 4,680 Ebola-affected children. At least 12,000 children have lost at least one parent to Ebola

girl in Sierra Leone at school

The challenge now

Ebola has left a devastating impact upon the nation. The safety and well-being of children is still a major concern. We’re working hard to provide clothing, food, and shelter to children who have lost their parents. We’re also reuniting families finding caring foster parents so children can feel loved again. And we’re ensuring girls return back to school.


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