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Break the taboo: Vote for your favourite period emoji

Winning emoji

Knickers emoji to end the period taboo

What we’re doing next

Over the coming weeks we’ll be submitting a proposal to the Unicode Consortium (the official body that manages emojis worldwide) asking them to add the pants emoji to your keyboard, so keep an eye out for an update from us.

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Menstruation: Why we need to end the taboo

90% of girlsin rural areas of Ghana felt ashamed during their period

1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school when they have their period

64% of women in the UK would feel uncomfortable discussing their period with their male friends according to our latest poll

Peninah had no one to speak to when she started her period

We never spoke about getting my period

It happened again every month. Sometimes, I was afraid I was dying.

When Peninah started menstruating she had no one to turn to. She had no idea what was happening to her body.  

Talking about periods and providing menstrual hygiene education is essential in combatting the stigma associated with periods. It also helps to give people the confidence to make their periods more manageable. 


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