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Sponsor a girl like Sofia

Sponsor a girl like Sofia today and help end child marriage

Sponsor a girl like Sofia


Sofia dreams of going to school and learning. But when she wakes up, the nightmare starts. This 11-year-old-girl is married to a man three times her age. He doesn’t let her go to school, instead she cooks and cleans all day. And at night, she’s forced to do whatever he tells her. Even though she’s just a child.

So many girls like Sofia face this waking nightmare. Will you sponsor a girl today? You’ll help girls go to school by training teachers, improving safety at school and ensuring girls have equal opportunities to learn. Because when a girl goes to school, she’s not forced to marry and she can realise her dreams instead.

Sponsoring a girl is a wonderful experience. You can exchange letters and drawings, hear all about her dreams and encourage her to reach them. And at least 80p in every pound you donate goes directly to projects in the country where your sponsored child lives, so you’ll see how you’re making a lasting difference for girls and boys alike.

sponsored child receiving letter smiling

Be a part of a girl’s life

Sponsor a girl and you’ll receive a photo of her for you to treasure along with information about her and her community.

She’ll soon send you a letter or drawing which you can respond to. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to write – we’ll send your full sponsorship guide containing all you need. You don’t have to write to her, but she’ll love it if you do!

Your questions answered

What is sponsorship?

You’ll have a unique personal connection between you and your sponsored child in one of the world’s poorest countries. Your donations won’t only help your sponsored child – for every child sponsored, an additional 72 can benefit!

How are my donations spent?

On protecting girls and providing water, healthcare and education to help their communities out of poverty. At least 80p in every pound you donate goes to projects in the country where your sponsored child lives, the rest helps raise another pound!

How do you help boys?

Whether you choose to sponsor a girl or a boy, you’ll help projects focused on equal opportunities for all children. We know girls are the most vulnerable and we ensure that boys play an important role in building secure communities that value girls.
Your sponsorship will help train teachers

You'll benefit whole communities

When you become a sponsor, you’re not just helping one child. You’ll support projects in the country where your sponsored child lives and will help:

* protect girls and promote their rights
* build schools and train teachers
* install wells for safe clean water
* strengthen health care systems
* protect communities during disasters

Sponsorship is a wonderful way for you to empower some of the world’s poorest communities with knowledge and infrastructure for years to come.

Change a girl's life