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Eudel: A sponsored child

A day in the life of a sponsored child

A day in the life of a sponsored child

Meet Eudel

Like most 8-year-old girls, Eudel enjoys going to school, playing with her friends, and spending time with her grandmother – especially enjoying her cooking!

Growing up in a rural community in Zimbabwe, basic amenities like nutritious food and clean drinking water were scarce, Eudel and her family struggled to meet daily needs.

They faced an even more challenging future when her father passed away. But thanks to sponsors like you, her family was able to break the cycle of poverty though child sponsorship.

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Eudel's story

The power of sponsorship

Meet Eudel and her family and experience a day in the life of a sponsored child.

Our project enabled Eudel’s mother, Shylit, to earn an income so she could provide for her family and afford to put Eudel in school. Projects like these are only possible with the ongoing support of sponsors like you.

You can see we have changed because in our families we are now able to pay school fees that we were unable to pay before.

Our children are now able to eat better food – food that has complete nutrients, things we could not afford before. Even malnutrition has been reduced in the community. – Shylit

Thanks to the generosity of her sponsors, Eudel now has the chance to go to school, opening the door to a brighter future:

If I could meet the sponsors, I will be happy, clean and wearing a presentable uniform. I would like to tell them: ‘Thank you very much.

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