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Response to Women and Equalities Committee's street harassment report

Response to Women and Equalities Committee's sexual harassment report

In response to the Women and Equalities Committee's report into sexual harassment of women and girls in the UK, Tanya Barron, Chief Executive at Plan International UK, said:

“Today’s welcome report adds to the growing evidence that street harassment is an endemic problem for women and girls, and a complete shift in cultural attitudes is needed to solve it.

“The issues raised through this in-depth inquiry are exactly what girls have told us they’re experiencing. 66% of girls we surveyed said they had been sexually harassed in public, with 38% experiencing verbal harassment at least once a month.

“This unrelenting harassment is simply not OK. Girls should not feel afraid in public, or think they are somehow to blame for the continual catcalling, abusive comments and groping they are subjected to.

“We hope the Committee’s report will help drive forward the appropriate recognition of street harassment in the national strategy to end violence against women and girls, and we will finally take a significant step towards making this a thing of the past.”