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1 in 10 girls have been 'upskirted'

1 in 10 girls have been 'upskirted', new survey shows

Here is a statement from Plan International UK in response to the news that upskirting has been made illegal:

Lucy Russell, Head of Girls’ Rights and Youth at global children’s charity Plan International UK, said:

“Plan International UK’s new research shows that one in 10 girls (9 per cent) have experienced upskirting in the UK. And more than half of these (52 per cent) aren’t telling anyone about what’s happened to them.

“This suggests that the problem could be far greater than the figures released today on the number of girls reporting upskirting to the police.

“We welcome the change in law that makes upskirting illegal. This shows the government is recognising that street harassment is not OK, which is a huge step forward. However, street harassment has become so normalised that girls are telling us they aren’t speaking out about it because they’re too embarrassed or think they won’t be taken seriously. We need more action to be taken at a local level to support girls in coming forward.”