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Children's Emergency Appeal

As the Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) begins to have a devastating impact on the communities we work with, we know that many families across the UK are experiencing huge pressures and worries.

We hope we can continue to come together to support those who are most vulnerable to the virus, wherever they are in the world. We’re especially concerned about children and their families living in crowded conditions like refugee camps.

But with your support for our global response, we can provide vulnerable communities with lifesaving support including essential hygiene kits and access to clean water. No matter the size of your gift, it will help those affected by this virus. Thank you for your support.

A group of children in Bangladesh


In recent years, we’ve been responding to more and more emergencies around the world. Sadly, we know there will be even more to come. That’s why we’ve set up the Children’s Emergency Fund, so that – with your support – we’ll have the funds to act as quickly as possible when the next emergency happens.

From providing essential aid to helping communities rebuild in the long-term, your gift means we can support children in the hours, months and weeks after an emergency happens.

Our emergency work

How we react to emergencies

We respond in the areas we can serve most effectively and build communities to be more resilient