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A girl without an education is a girl that is left behind

Periods. They’re an uncomfortable topic for some. But for a young girl having to resort to dried banana leaves because she can’t access sanitary pads, it’s much more uncomfortable.

We all know there is a cost associated with managing periods - but this should never be at the cost of an education. Unbelievably, this is the reality for so many girls right now.

28 per cent of girls don’t go to school when they have their period. Adolescent girls stay at home because they don’t have access to hygienic and affordable sanitary pads. This must end today.

I would put old rags and toilet paper in my underwear. But that didn’t help for very long. One time the dress of a girl in my class was covered in blood. Everybody started laughing and pointing at her. I didn’t want that to happen to me so I decided to stay at home when I had my period. I missed a lot of lessons.

Peninah, 14, Uganda

20% of the academic year is lost

20% of the academic year is missed due to something as natural as a period

200 million girls and women

200 million girlsand women globally don't have access to adequate sanitary care

46% of girls

1 in 10 girlsacross Africa miss schoool when they have their period

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Locally and sustainably made sanitary pads


A reusable sanitary pad could enable a girl to contiue going to school while on her period. Where school girls are using the reusable pads, teachers have reported that absenteeism has dropped sharply, as girls who previously did not have access to proper sanitary pads no longer stayed at home when they had their periods.

These reusable pads are better for the environment and the community. They are made and distributed locally - creating jobs and opportunities. The pads only cost £1.60 for a pack, can be washed and dried in the sun and can last a whole year!



As well as helping girls access proper sanitarty care, we're training girls and boys and their teachers to become Health Champions.They're helping to change attitudes towards girls and menstruation by providing peer support to their classmates, parents and others in the community on a number of health issues, including periods.

“We talk about periods at the Health Club. It is normal, nothing to laugh and be mean about. That’s something I also tell the other boys in the class. I tell the girls that they don’t have to be afraid when they get their period. That it’s not abnormal but that it’s just part of life. My sisters are still too young, but I’ll help them when they’re older.” Samuel, 15, Uganda


“Our teacher told us about the reusable pads. A pack lasts at least a whole year! I can go to school every day as normal. I can also play to my heart’s content... I am so glad for the sanitary pads!“ Anges, 16, Uganda

For the sake of £1.60, the cost of two reusable sanitary pads, young girls like Agnes could lose out on their education. Together, we can help more girls stay in school for longer, by helping to provide access to safe, clean and affordable products to use each month.

Will you donate today and help to protect girls’ futures?


Help girls stay in school

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