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Partnering with Aviva

Partnership highlights

3,026 children

have been issued with birth certificates

5,000 parents

have attended awareness-raising sessions on the importance of birth registration

birth registration fees

were scrapped following a succesful campaign by Plan International

Support Vulnerable Children

Although a new law in Indonesia requires all births and deaths to be registered, 47% of children under five still lack birth certificates.

Street children in particular have very low registration rates; an estimated 78% of the 94,000 street children in Indonesia are unregistered, 7,000 of whom live on the streets of Jakarta.

My Birth Certificate Gave Me a Second Chance

Ridwan’s story

“Some people might not think a birth certificate is very important. It is only a piece of paper, isn’t it? It’s probably not something you think about very often. But if you ask me why my birth certificate is important, the answer is simple: my birth certificate gave me a second chance to go to school."

Young boy in Indonesia receives his birth certificate

“Two years ago I was forced to drop out of school when I was only 12 because my parents could no longer afford to send me. I live in Jakarta so I spent the days on the street with my mother, trying to help her sell food.

"Sometimes I would sing on the street to ask for money from people going about their days. I would always look at the other children in their school uniforms and long to be just like them. It was my dream to become a teacher, but I needed to help support my family.

“Some days the police asked the children on the streets for their birth certificates when we were working. I was always scared that this might happen to me. I thought I might be arrested if I couldn’t prove how old I was.

“Everything changed when I was walking along the street with some of my friends and we saw a small room where some children were learning to read and write. The teacher told us he was helping the children, who also could not attend school, so I was happy to become a member of the group."

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