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Lucia and Nzioki with their goat

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Right now, 1 in 6 children worldwide are underweight and 66 million children, just like Lucia and Nzioki from Kenya (pictured), are still going to school hungry – no child should be held back by a lack of food.

But one special gift from you today could help to change everything for a family fighting against the odds. Lucia and Nzioki are just one of the families who we’ve given one simple, special gift – a goat. Their lives have been transformed forever.

Across the world, so many more children will never realise their dreams, all because a lack of healthy food holds them back. You could give children the chance to succeed at school, and a future. Will you send your life-changing donation today?



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Grass illustration

Even in drought-prone places, goats thrive!

Goats are easier to raise than cattle – they don’t need to be taken to pasture. They graze on land around homes, finding food even when it’s dry
Maize illustration

Manure fertilises the family crops

In places where families struggle with poor quality soil or unpredictable rainfall, manure from goats is incredibly valuable. Manure helps key crops to flourish, meaning a more balanced diet for children like Lucia and Nzioki and giving families life-changing income
Goat illustration

Baby goats multiply the impact!

Goats like Munai often give birth to several kids, making even more of a difference
Lucia and Nzioki standing proudly in their school uniform
Lucia and Nzioki standing proudly in their school uniform

Lucia and Nzioki are thriving at school

One special gift has helped to give Lucia and Nzioki an education, and that really will change everything.

“Lucia and Nzioki are both very disciplined and very bright. They are the smartest children in their class,” says the headmaster at their school. Christina is brimming with pride. “I am very confident about life for the children. Nothing will stop them getting their education," she says.

Today, you could give children like Lucia and Nzioki the chance to succeed at school, and a future. Will you send your life-changing donation and transform children's lives?

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