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Poor hygiene & sanitation takes lives

1 in 9 people don’t have access to clean water

2.5 billion peopledon’t have access to proper sanitation worldwide

Every 2 minutesdiarrhoea kills a child

Make a gift today

And fund simple solutions that save lives

“Across the world, thousands of children’s lives are at risk because of poor hygiene. They desperately need your help. Please send a donation today.”

Dominika Kronsteiner,
Emergency Response Manager

Across the world, more than half of all diarrhoea cases are caused by unsafe drinking water. Every day, more than a thousand children die needlessly from these preventable diseases. When conflict rages or disaster strikes, sanitation quickly crumbles.

Survival in desperate situations is about staying well, but without clean water or ways to maintain personal hygiene, life-threatening illnesses are almost impossible to avoid. The most vulnerable people, such as young children or teenage girls, are the hardest hit.

But good hygiene practices – like washing hands with soap before eating, after preparing food and using the toilet – can significantly reduce the risk of disease. That’s why hygiene kits really are a matter of life or death. Please make a lifesaving donation today.

Every day items

with lifesaving potential

Jerry can_blue and light blue


A jerrycan means families can collect clean water and carry it safely back to their home
Toothpaste tube_orange and light blue


Without dental care, vulnerable children often develop agonising tooth decay and potentially deadly abscesses
Soap_blue and light blue


Washing helps people retain dignity – and keeping clean prevents infection
Tshirt and tablets_blue orange and light blue


Many children fleeing conflict have just one set of clothes. Keeping them clean helps prevent infections
Water tablets_blue and light blue


Killing dangerous bacteria in dirty water protects children from water-borne diseases
Nail cutters_blue and orange


Keeping nails short can stop disease spreading through human contact
A woman with a hygiene kit


A hygiene kit could help protect families from diseases including cholera and diphtheria. The kit contains water purification tablets, to make the water safe for drinking and the soap to keep children clean.

Your donation could go even further and reach even more children – wherever in the world they may be. We believe that no child should face agonising, deadly diseases if we can prevent it. By giving a gift today, you'll help us reach more vulnerable people.

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