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Cherita's story

child trafficking cherita's story

A Narrow Escape from Trafficking

Cherita’s story

In Togo child trafficking is rife. We are helping boys and girls in Togo escape the dangers of child trafficking and building safer lives.

Traffickers promise a job, a good home and a better life to children. But the reality is that most trafficked children will work long hours for no pay as domestic servants, labourers or even prostitutes. Most will never return home. We’re doing everything possible to change this.

12-year-old Cherita from Togo narrowly escaped being trafficked. “Last year, a woman deceived me into leaving my family to travel on an adventure, by promising me a better life in Nigeria. She then invited me to her house and hid me in a room for two days."

She was going to run away with me to Nigeria without telling my grandparents. Luckily, someone discovered this and blew the alarm and I was rescued from this woman.

Child trafficking: Cherita doing homework and studying her lessons

After Cherita was rescued we provided Cherita with school supplies and school uniform. Cherita is now able to go to school and with a decent education, Cherita will be much less vulnerable to exploitation.

In Cherita’s community we’re helping children and families increase their household income, and creating more opportunities for children to earn money in their own community. By helping boost families’ income – and by making parents and children aware of the realities of child trafficking – we can help make the traffickers’ promises less attractive to young people.

This work is only possible with support from people like you.

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