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Kadia's story

Speaking out against FGM

Kadia’s story

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is recognised internationally as a violation of human rights. This harmful, traditional practice is strongly tied to gender inequality and often related to deeply held beliefs. In Mali, it affects 85 per cent of women and girls.

FGM doesn’t just violate the rights of women and girls – it can have hugely damaging effects on their physical, mental and psychological health. We are doing everything we can to eradicate the practice in Mali and around the world by raising awareness of the problems FGM causes and encouraging people to speak up and call for the end of FGM.

In Kadia’s community we helped change attitudes by showing videos, running public awareness sessions and making home visits to tell people about the dangers of FGM. As a result, many parents including Kadia’s, now want to see an end to this dangerous practice.

Kadia's community is teaming up with Plan to fight FGM
Community members sing and dance at ceremony to abandon FGM

12-year-old Kadia tells us how important our work has been in her community:

It’s Plan International’s work which has given me all this knowledge and strength to be able to express myself in front of important people, even the village chief, to talk about my rights and such a taboo subject as FGM....

"I hope to continue my studies and become a doctor.

I think I will be a strong woman in the future and I’ll defend the rights of my children.

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