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Farjina's story

Ending child marriage: Farjina in Bangladesh

Escaping Child Marriage

Farjina’s Story

In poor communities in Bangladesh, girls as young as ten are being forced into marriage. Even though child marriage is illegal, many families feel they have no choice but to marry off young daughters as a way of easing the pressures of poverty.

Forced to leave school, these girls are denied an education and robbed of the opportunity to develop their full potential.

Too many girls end up trapped in a lifetime of poverty, ill health and dependence. We are challenging this deeply entrenched tradition. We’re making sure families are aware that child marriage is illegal – and helping them break with tradition.

Ending child marriage: Farjina with her family

Breaking tradition

We talk with community leaders, teachers and religious leaders and clearly explain the damaging effects of child marriage. We work with them to identify the girls most vulnerable to child marriage in their community.

15-year-old Farjina tells us how Plan International helped her escape child marriage:

“One day I came home from school and my parents told me ‘we’ve found a husband for you and we have decided to marry you.’ I refused and tried to make them change their minds – but I failed.

The people from Plan International came to our house and talked to my parents about the bad effects child marriage can have on girls like me. They also reminded them that child marriage is illegal. My parents then understood the mistaken steps they were taking, and agreed to stop the marriage.”

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