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Tackling child marriage in Bangladesh

Tackling child marriage in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, child marriage is a serious problem. The number of young girls that get married is eleven times higher than boys. Our recent study has found that one in four girls in Bangladesh is married by the age of 14. Child marriage is especially common in poverty-prone, rural areas. 

We take a look at the stories of five girls from Bangladesh who were either forced to give up their education in order to marry and raise families or who have escaped child marriage and advocate against the practice in their communities.

Monika with her daughter and mother

Monika was 16 when she was forced into marriage with a 19-year-old boy from her village in Dinajpur region. After they were married, they had a baby together. Monika's husband mistreated her. He even tried to kill her and eventually fled to another village. Monika is now living with her mother again.

Tohura holding her baby in her arms at her home in Dinajpur region

Tohura married a 21-year-old man when she was just 11. They both say they were in love and Tohura has always been treated well by her husband.

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