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Singer Beverley Knight on why she loves being a child sponsor

‘That little lift of joy’: singer Beverley Knight on why she loves being a child sponsor

Over the last 13 years, I’ve sponsored two boys from Haiti and learnt all about the impact it’s had on their lives and the wider community.  

Why Haiti, you might think?

I’m of Caribbean heritage and my parents are from Jamaica. The lives of children in the Caribbean vary from one island to another, but of all the islands, Haiti is by far the poorest and has the most challenges.

Islanders also live with the constant and very real risk of natural disasters. That’s why I wanted to sponsor a child from there – I felt they needed the most help.

That personal connection

Junior was my first sponsored child. I sponsored him from when he was a little boy all the way through to manhood. It was remarkable to see the change in him.

When I get a letter in the post and see it’s from Plan International UK I think, is it a normal letter? No, it’s a sponsorship letter! And instantly I get that little lift of joy.  

Enlightening, edifying and humbling. That’s my child sponsorship experience in three words.

The best thing about the letters and sponsoring a child is receiving their photo. You can clearly see the different stages of their development and the changes in their face.

Junior often wrote about the impact sponsorship had on his life, his family and his education. It’s such a personal relationship even though you’ve never met them. Through the letters and photos, you are literally seeing a child blossom before your eyes.

The impact sponsorship has on a child is enormous. If lots of children in one community are sponsored, I can only dream about the amazing footprint they leave behind. Being part of that is a beautiful thing.

Wansite, who lives in Haiti, is sponsored by singer and actor Beverley Knight.
Wansite, who is sponsored by Beverley Knight, in Haiti.

More exciting times ahead

When Junior turned 18 my sponsorship ended, but I immediately wanted to support another child in Haiti.

I now have the pleasure of sponsoring a lovely little boy called Wansite, and I’m looking forward to learning more about his journey. There are so many exciting times ahead!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll dearly want to provide a child with every opportunity. The best way to go about that is to sponsor a child.

Because as much as you’re giving to that child, they’ll give you back so much more when you read those letters and when you see that little face looking back at you. It means so much.


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