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Nepal Earthquake infographic

Nepal Earthquake: Infographic, facts and figures

Saturday 25 April 2015 saw a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. Over 6,000 people have died with over 13,000 injured. The fate of thousands more in many remote areas is still unclear and the government has warned that the death toll could rise to more than 10,000. Plan is on the ground delivering aid including shelter materials. Read more about our response to the Nepal earthquake here.

Here are some facts and figures on the earthquake and Nepal.

The earthquake

  • The UN fears that in all eight million people have been affected by the earthquake, over a quarter of the country’s population.
  • Up to 90 per cent of the schools and clinics in some districts have been damaged or destroyed by the earthquake.
  • The worst hit areas are thought to be in the densely populated Kathmandu valley and the Sindhupalchwok district.

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