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Keeping Safe at School: Our Youth Action Festival

Keeping safe at school: Our Youth Action Festival

Keeping Safe at School: Our Youth Action Festival

Saturday 5 December was the date of our Youth Action Festival: over a year of planning and hard work had culminated in one exciting event!

Young people from all around the country arrived in London to take part in workshops and talks about girls staying safe at school.

The day was really successful in that I got to meet a lot of really inspiring and enthusiastic young people and I felt that we all learnt valuable lessons about our power to make changes in the UK and globally.

Group hold up a #LearnWithoutFear sign at Youth Action Festival

My personal highlight was watching our hashtag, #learnwithoutfear, reach 4th trend in the UK and peak at eight tweets per minute!

I hope everyone who attended had as good a day as I did and hopefully we have helped to inspire the next generation of campaigners and activists.

We asked participants from the Youth Action Festival to answer a few questions about girls’ rights. Take a look at what they said.

Youth action festival

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