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How you can help change the world through education

How you can help change the world through education

When you sponsor a child, you’re also supporting our longer-term development projects in the places where your help is needed the most. These projects create changes that empower communities to improve their lives for good, for example through education, healthcare and sustainable livelihoods.

A great contributor to reducing poverty over time is easier access to education for children. More children should be going to and staying in school, getting an education that improves their chances for a better life. This is difficult when families can’t afford to send all of their children to school, or if they’re needed to work at home, or if they keep falling ill. We run projects that try to remove those hurdles, giving children around the world a chance at a good education.

Children at pre-school in Cambodia
Children at a Plan International supported pre-school in Cambodia

Supporting childhood education 

In Cambodia, we’ve created an early learning programme that focuses on children in Ratanak Kiri province, for whom the remoteness of their communities has been a barrier to pre-school attendance.

One project in this programme has led to discussions between parents and community leaders around promoting pre-school education, subsidising sanitary facilities, and providing breakfast for the children.

The enthusiasm displayed and the achievement made have increased community awareness on the importance of investing in early education so children and their communities can create a better future.

- Soth Sakan, Plan International Cambodia’s Early Childhood Care and Development Specialist

Children playing at pre-school in Cambodia

We’ve built the pre-schools for our kids so they won’t have regrets like us when they grow up.

- Parent, Cambodia

The programme has already benefitted around 1,000 children in 25 villages and, thanks to the incredible enthusiasm of the communities taking part, will surely have a lasting impact. With a good start in their education, we hope more children will continue to go to school and learn valuable skills that will change their lives for the better.

How your sponsorship helps

When you sponsor a child, you support the entire community to lift themselves out of poverty. 

We tackle the causes of poverty, sickness, and inequality – often, it begins with giving children the chance of having a better education.

A young girl playing at pre-school in Cambodia

You can change the world

By sponsoring a child today

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