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Helping families affected by flooding in Ecuador

Helping families affected by flooding in Ecuador

Four provinces in Ecuador have been hit by severe flooding. Related to unusually heavy winter rainfall and the stormy period known as El Nino, the flooding has caused extensive damage. The government declared an orange alert in the four worst affected coastal provinces of Manabí, Guayas, Esmeraldas and Santa Elena.

Flooded buildings in Manabi, Ecuador

It is estimated that over 6,000 homes have been damaged by the flooding, with over 100 destroyed completely. The increased rainfall has been raising the flow and water-level of coastal rivers, and some have overflowed. Landslides mean that many roads are partially or completely closed. In Manabí alone, the floods have affected over two thousand families and 15 schools.

Families affected by flooding in Ecuador receive hygiene kits

Supported by funding from Start Fund, we’re working to provide food, hygiene kits, blankets, and other supplies to families affected by the flooding. This includes setting up safe spaces for children to play and learn - who are the most vulnerable during a crisis. Our response work aims to help thousands of families across the four worst affected provinces.

Helping families affected by the flooding:

2,000 familieswill receive hygiene and sanitation kits as well as menstruation products for women and girls

1,000 familieswill receive drinking water and food

1,000 familieswill have access to safe spaces for children to learn, play and receive emotional support

We were one of the first member agencies to join the Start Fund three years ago. The Start Fund enables us to cover the huge gaps in humanitarian response work around the world by funding small to medium-scale emergencies that often receive little funding or media attention.

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