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Girls Breaking Barriers watch the debate at the House of Lords

Girls Breaking Barriers: watch the debate at the House of Lords

Youth advocates Hiba from Ghana, and Joseline from Rwanda, were two of the 200 girls who joined our special debate, Girls Breaking Barriers, at the House of Lords this month.

Read on to learn more about their experiences and to watch them – and their fellow speakers – debate the key issues affecting their lives.

“We believe that a better world comes from giving better opportunities to women and girls.

“Regardless of the fact that women make up the greater percentage of most countries, we are still among the most discriminated groups in the world – which is why we are actively involved with advocating for girls’ rights to speak out for a better world.

"On 16 November, we attended the debate in the House of Lords to brainstorm on the biggest barriers girls face in achieving their full potential and the most effective ways of helping them break free.”

I believe actively ensuring the participation of women in politics should start at an early age through empowering young girls to participate in leadership at all levels.

– Joseline, youth advocate, Rwanda

Watch Joseline, Serine, Nupur and Hajra discuss the representation of women in public life:

Watch Ellie, Emma and Laura discuss gender stereotyping in schools:

Watch Aleyna, Laura, Molly and Simone discuss the impact of street harassment on girls:

Watch Hiba, Mercedes, Sophie and Samantha discuss how Relationships and Sex Education should be taught:


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