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Celebrating fathers around the world in photos

Celebrating fathers around the world – in photos

We’re celebrating Father’s Day 2018 by sharing stories of remarkable dads across the globe.

Naydelin with her father Alvaro in Guatemala

Alvaro, Guatemala

In Guatemala, Naydelin is a member of our Community Based Rehabilitation project, which brings families, schools and communities together to help support children with different disabilities.

Naydelin has a disability in her hip and her dad Alvaro has devoted much of his time to boosting her self-esteem. He’s even composed a song for her, to teach her that her disability does not make her less valuable or less important than others.

"Let's change our hearts and minds, we will change our community to understand that we are all equal and no one is the best!" – Naydelin, from the song her father composed for her

Anastasie and Bossin were reunited with their father after four years

Jean de Paul, Central African Republic

After four years apart, 16-year-old Anastasie and her brother Bossin, 17, have been reunited with their father, Jean de Paul.

Our reunification project works with children who have become separated from their families during the years of violent conflict in the Central African Republic, providing psychosocial support while searching for their parents.

"Imagine a father who thinks his children are dead. It was such a big day to be told that they are alive and will be coming home." – Jean de Paul

Allan and his father Nkono at home in Uganda

Nkono, Uganda

Nkono’s son, Allan, has been a youth activist with Plan International since 2016 – and his work has been having a big impact on his dad.

In Uganda today, women still don’t have the right to own land. But thanks to Allan’s influence, Nkono has donated a piece of fertile land to his wife and contributes to the household chores, a new division of labour which has led to the family’s income increasing.

“Allan convinced me to let my daughter go back to school. You have no idea how proud I am of my daughters who have all graduated." – Nkono

Valnei plays with his son in Brazil

Valnei, Brazil

Valnei is a member of the Fathers’ League in Brazil, a Plan International project which promotes the importance of engaging fathers in their daughters’ and sons’ lives, right from birth.

The group come together to take part in community football tournaments, while half-time is spent discussing the benefits of positive parenting, traditional forms of fatherhood and the men’s involvement with their families.

“Being a good father is always being present in your child's life. Fathers have the responsibility to support their sons and daughters so they can become good men or women in the future.” – Valnei

Mardan and his daughter in Indonesia

Mardan, Indonesia

In Indonesia, Mardan happily cultivates the garden in front of his house, where he grows cabbages and cauliflower. He also takes care of his daughter Eka, while his wife goes to the local market to sell their produce.

With the farming knowledge he has gained from Plan International's training, he’s harvested 3,000 cabbages and 500 cauliflowers – and used some of the money to buy a new dress and earrings for Eka.

“My wife sells the crops in the market. I am not embarrassed to take care of my daughter. This is also my duty as a father.” Mardan


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