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Bust the myths: HIV and sexual health

Bust the myths: HIV and sexual health

Today, around 2.1 million adolescents in the world are living with HIV – and around 60 per cent of new infections occurred among girls. Women and girls are at higher risk of contracting HIV due to biological reasons and gender discrimatory issues such as sexual violence and child marriage.

Discrimination against women and girls in particular countries dictate that women have little or no sexual rights and should be passive about sex. And access to sexual health education can be frowned upon and seen to encourage women and girls to be promiscuous. Today, millions of adolescent girls have no access to appropriate and confidential health advice and services and don’t understand how to protect themselves.

We’re tackling this by ensuring young people and families are educated on their sexual and reproductive health and rights, have access to health services, lobbying prevention, care, and support services for those living with HIV and challenging belief and attitudes that put women at risk.

The beliefs and myths about contraception and sexual health have serious impact on health, gender inequality and poverty around the world. On World AIDS day take part in our quiz to see how many myths you can bust.

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