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5 reasons why this is the summer to change a childs life

5 reasons why this is the summer to change a child's life

This summer, we’ve launched our first-ever child sponsorship app. It’s called Plan Connect, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. 

Here are five reasons why we’d love you to sign up and be part of something really special: 

1. You’ll be one of just 300 people taking part

That’s right! Because our app is brand new, we’re looking for just 300 special supporters to trial it for us as part of a pilot project – and let us know how the experience works for you.

Fernando is a Plan International sponsored child from Brazil
Today, 88,000 children around the world are supported by our UK sponsors. By joining Plan Connect, you'll be one of the very first to share messages with your sponsored child online.

2. You’ll be helping us to revolutionise child sponsorship

Today, child sponsorship works by children and their sponsors sending and receiving letters. It’s a magical exchange, but we know some people would prefer to write to their child using their mobile phone or tablet. That’s why we’ve developed Plan Connect – so you can send texts, images and videos to your sponsored child, and hear back from them the exact same way. 

3. You’ll be giving something invaluable back to Plan International

We love our app. But we won’t really know how well it’s working until we test it – which is where you come in! Your feedback during the pilot project will be vital in making Plan Connect the best it can possibly be, so we can develop it, improve it, and hopefully share it with even more children and their sponsors around the world. 

We’ve already sent over 100 photos and videos between sponsors and their sponsored children using Plan Connect, and we're only just getting started!

Children study in a classroom in Brazil
From building new schools to training teachers and building a new water supply – your sponsorship will help change the future for an entire community.

4. You’ll be transforming a child’s life 

We believe in child sponsorship because we know it works. Every day, we hear stories of children’s lives being transformed because of the investment they see in their education, their healthcare, and their access to other everyday essentials as a result. By signing up to Plan Connect, you’ll be giving girls and boys in Codó, Brazil, the chance to experience the same life-changing opportunities. We can’t think of a better gift than that.

5. You’ll change the future for your child’s family (and community, too)

One of the most amazing things about sponsoring a child is that you’ll be reaching so many others at the same time. In fact, we’ve calculated that 72 more children could benefit for every child who’s sponsored – as well as their families and entire communities. It’s amazing to imagine what life in Codó could be like with your support!

Sponsor a child

Our app pilot has closed, but you can still make a difference

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